About us

Five Continents delivers the most beautiful specialty food towards international foodservices, wholesalers and retailers. We know the market and perform like a well-integrated teamplayer. We aim to be your eyes, ears and senses on the ground, and stand for a honest advise at all times, as you may expect from a true partner.

With a vision for long-term business, we believe in the importance of customer service and attach high value to it. Our dedicated and professional team provides you with the required documentation and certification, and monitor the whereabouts of your shipment at all times.

As a one-stop-shop we understand like no other how to combine different product categories into one consignment for both smaller and larger importers across the globe. With our sophisticated logistical coolchain we guarantee optimal freshness and shelf-life. Familiar with export to some of the most remote markets, no destination is too far for us.

We work together with a number of selected suppliers. One by one relationships we can rely and build on. A steady foundation in our succesful supply-chain.

Does our vision match your demand?

Does our vision match your demand? Have you became interested in our assortment? Or would you like to discuss with one of our specialists what we can do for you?

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